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2019 Air Jordan 1 Mid Se To Release Tomorrow Morning

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[URL=]New Jordan 2019[/URL] will release a uniquely textured Air Jordan 1 Mid Se In the morning! The Air Jordan 1 Mid SE features a glossy, light yellow finish with a satin-touch lining and a specially crafted shoelace tag, finished with a white outsole! The overall refreshing and simple and simple, presumably the effect on the foot is quite outstanding!
The Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low, which has just been released soon, is still not popular, but today the Supreme joint plan has more exciting news! The famous rapper Drake personally produced a [URL=]Supreme x Nike Air Max 95[/URL] that was never exposed on personal social media. Through the exposed pictures, it can be seen that the whole pair of shoes are displayed in a cool black, the upper is wrapped in fine leather, and the whole pair of shoes is extremely high-grade and at the same time full of luxury. The “SUPREME” lettering is attached to the vicinity of the shoelace buckle, and the low-key is fully displayed.
[URL=]New Jordan[/URL] ,As the newest flying man's boots, Air Jordan 34's main pusher, Zion Williamson also selected this new shoe in the NBA Media Day's makeup photo shoot yesterday. This is a pair of first-time exposures of “red and white gold”. The bright red color forms the main color, and the combination with the white body creates a familiar vitality. The details are embellished with metallic gold tones, which is even more dominant in the king. This color scheme has not yet appeared on the official list of Jordan Brand, and it is still unclear whether it will be commercially available. In addition, the Suns center Frank Kaminsky also exposed a new color in the media day. On a pair of all-white Air Jordan 34 uppers and soles, it is covered with a variety of graffiti textures.
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