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Shop Air Jordan 1 Low GS Zebra 553560-057

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[URL=]Nike Joyride[/URL], which debuted in July this year, conquered many fans with its unique innovative cushioning technology. When the first color match was first put on the shelves, the fans who were tasted early were robbed. The latest white-green color match Joyride NSW Setter was just released last month, and the refreshing color structure also showed a good value.
In recent years, the popularity of Air Jordan 1 is sure to be obvious to everyone. With the rising market price, many players have turned their eyes to Air Jordan 1 Mid and Air Jordan 1 Low. The more intimate price and rich color selection make it an excellent replacement for the Air Jordan 1.[URL=] Air Jordan 1 Low GS Zebra[/URL] is based on the Air Jordan 1 Low design. The black nubuck material outlines the entire pair of shoes, with a classic white midsole, showing a very low-key temperament. The biggest highlight is that the upper is made of tumbling fur, and it is presented in zebra pattern. The personality is full, and the heel is embellished with the classic flying wing logo. It must have excellent performance on the foot.
Since the launch of Nike React cushioning technology, Nike has built a lot of new shoes around it, and the good cushioning performance and foot feel the welcome of the public. The new functional shoes [URL=]Nike React Sertu[/URL] is also on sale. In order to express his respect for Nike founder Bill Bowerman, during the Second World War, Bill Bowerman was a major of the 10th Mountain Division of the US Army, and his comrades climbed the Italian snow-capped mountains to fight for the Allies. This time Nike created the "10th Collection" series. The toe cap is made of leather and the rest of the body is made of nylon mesh for the upcoming fall and winter wear. The upper is integrated with the “The 10th” embroidered label to commemorate Bowman’s heroic past. The overall color is mainly black, dotted with light brown leather lines, adding a touch of texture. The midsole is equipped with React cushioning technology to ensure the excellent feel of these shoes.
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