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Customized Chemical Rotary Kiln Dryer

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Slag dryer equipment is a kind of high-efficiency and energy-saving professional drying equipment, which is specially used for the production of useless stones in mineral processing, mining and smelting. Because the newly discarded materials are too wet to be stored for too long, the unique ingredients inside will be destroyed by water. After drying, the materials play an irreplaceable role in cement, new building materials and energy.
1. The material produced can be processed together with gypsum and cement clinker to make cement raw material. It can also be made into professional raw materials in the fields of special glass, compound fertilizer, ceramics, foundry stone, etc.
2. After processing and utilizing these materials, not only the pollution of air and groundwater can be solved, but also the occupancy of the site due to long-term stacking can be solved.
3. Adopting the principle that the temperature of two substances in advanced nature is different, hot air will turn liquid water into gas, cooperating with various functional areas of cylinder specialty, advanced integrated working equipment for rapid operation is adopted.
4. Suitable for drying materials with different moisture content, such as wet, high humidity and medium humidity, suitable for drying different materials, and the matching mode of different equipment can be selected.
Structure of rotary kiln dryer
Technical parameterCustomized Chemical Rotary Kiln Dryer


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