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Liquid Painting Line price

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Product Description
Liquid painting is used to give high quality asthetic finishes and can be applied on – metal, plastic and wood. High quality, multilayered paints can be applied in these virtually dust free Crescent plant designs.
There are various Liquid Painting processes meant for different substrates, shape of components based on ultimate Finish and Quality requirements.
Several automotive parts like bumpers, mirror housing, car light housings, etc. are painted in different colors to match the shade of the original vehicle. Also cell phones, laptops, computer peripherals etc., are very popular to use special coating technology on product parts.
Main Features
1) Automatic or surface cleaning.
2) Automatic surface wet paint coating.
3) Intelligent Control, Ono line only need few workers to unload and load product.
4) According to customer's requirement, could design freely for meet your space ,capacity require etc.
5) Energy Efficient, could use natural gas, diesel , electric etc energy for this line.
The painting process includes conductive primer, flash-off, base coat, flash-off, clear coat, flash-off, oven for paint drying, cooling etc. The most important aspect of the liquid painting process is to maintain temperature and humidity level within the tolerance limit acceptable to the paint being used. Dust level control is another most important aspect for Liquid Painting Lines.
Question 1: I do not know about any thing about the painting line
A: Before making a customized machine ,we will doing a full evaluation about your site size and  your product feature .
Question 2: How i install the machine or you will provide a tech support ?
A: We will dispatch a technician to your side for a help , about 30 days training until you can operate it.
Question 3: How long time you will provide warranty ?
A: The warranty time is one year , and tech support in any time .
Question 4: How about the delivery date ?
A: In normal need about 30-40 day ,we sure delivery date in time.
Company Information
Yangzhou Anyuan Coating Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, registered capital of 20 million, is a professional company of various type of coating equipment and powder coating.Our aim is to produce better products and provide satisfactory service.
Our company has excellent design, production, R & D capability and rich technical experience, high-quality technical personnel, professional service team.
Our Service
*Free design:Free drawing designed by our engineer according to the actual requirements of clients.
*High quality and competitive price:We promise to provide high quality equipment with best price.
*Customized equipment:Customized equipment completely based on the drawing.
*Overseas installation and commissioning:On-site installation and commissioning of coating lines.
*WarrantyAt least one year after the acceptance of the client.
Contact Us
Email 1:
Email 2:
Wechat: +8619901443238/+8619901441338
WhatsApp: +8619901443238Liquid Painting Line price


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