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Customized Electric Tracking-shot Slider

–2 голосов
Multi-function motorized slider: automatic cycle (free to set the sliding distance) Video capture (silent motor, suitable for interviews) Delay shooting (select 1-1000) Support Auto and manual
Motorized slider easy to operate: motorized slider can be tracked shoot and 120 degree wide shoot
Smooth and stable: as a professional point of view, aluminum alloy slider is the most smooth material, not only durable load-bearing up to 30 pounds
Multi-angle: There are multiple 1/4 and 3/8 screw ports at the bottom for the slider to be mounted on multiple angles of the tripod
GVM Video lights has 1-year warranty, US local company

Product properties: motorized mode
Size: 48inch
Power current: 4W / 400MA
45 inches Sliding time
The fastest 17.4seconds / the slowest 199 seconds (video mode)
Fastest 185 seconds / slowest 36 minutes 42 seconds (time lapse)
Slide length: 48inch
Slide rail weight: 7pound
Load-bearing: 30 pounds

Package Content:
1 x motorized slider
1 x controller
1 x battery
1 x battery charger
1 x controller connection line
6 x shutter link
1 x shutter extension line
1 x Carrying Bag
(GVM Hint: The camera tripod is not included)

Product Description:
According to your needs to set the starting point A, the ending point B, speed (1% -100%)
Automatically round trip (or stop) (save 80% of the time)
(Support for tracking shooting and 120 degree wide-angle shooting)

According to your needs to set the starting point A, the ending point B
Speed (1% -100%)  Automatically round trip (or stop)
Slip speed: 1% -100%
Slip interval: 0.1 - 100
Stoptime: 0.1-100
Photo quantity: 1 - 1000
Auto loop: yes or no
(Support for tracking shooting and 120 degree wide-angle shooting)
Adjust the knobs on both sides of the camera slider to the upper left and lower right
(support Time lapse or Video shot)

Adjust the knob on both sides of the camera slider to the lower left and upper right
(support Time lapse or Video shot)

Will Sony 6300 work with this slider?
Yes, easily to use it.

Is there a cable to connect Sony ar7ii?
Yes, the electric slider is equipped with six different models of the shutter line, compatible with most of the camera.

What’s the warranty?
1 month no reason to return, 6 months free repair and parts replacement, life-long mail service.

Is the sound of the motor big? Can I use it as an interview?
He is ideal for interviews, electric sliders are bass or even silent, will not affect the interview

Can I connect Sony a7r ii and use shoot-move time lapse feature?
You can even adjust the speed during the timelapse shooting.

Does it automatically reverse direction when it gets to the end of the track?
It can be automatically looped.
Can this slider be used for vertical or angular shooting?
Support electric 45 degrees, but you need to tune the motor torque to 100%, Vertical only supports manual.
We deeply wish to provide customers with the first-rate products and service. Any question kindly please don't hesitate to contact us. A specialist will be in touch with you shortly.Customized Electric Tracking-shot Slider


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