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Customized Artificial Leisure Grass

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With the application of artificial turf in life, more and more people like to buy artificial turf on the Internet and come back to DIY to install it. Of course, different lawns, different venues, and installations are not the same, so today we will tell you about the leisure grass family DIY installation process:
1. If the foundation is soft soil, it is better to compact it before construction to avoid the problem of muddy water seepage after rain soaking.
2. Open the outer package of the BY artificial grass turf roll, pay attention to removing the fixings of the wrapped roll, and then spread the lawn roll.
3. Use the utility knife to cut off the extra edge
4. Open the edges of the two rolls of artificial grass and spread the connecting belt in the middle of the overlap.
5. Cut the connecting tape, pour the glue directly onto the connecting tape, and smear it evenly with a scraper
6. After waiting for a certain time, glue dry to form a certain adhesive force, cover the synthetic lawn and fix.
7. If necessary, use flat-headed nails around the lawn to secure the lawn.
8. Clean the residue on the artificial lawn and check for sharp objects
9. The outdoor lawn is filled with a certain amount of quartz sand, which can make the artificial turf more textured and suitable for outdoor activities, depending on the usage
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