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Multistage Centrifugal Pump quotation

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SS304 DIN DN50 Vertical multistage centrifugal pump
(1) Product Introduction:
This pump is the latest type, which is characterized by energy saving, space effective, easy installation, stable performance and so on. The casing is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti top-grade stainless steel while the shaft gland adopts the abrasion-resistance mechanical seal with zero leakage and a long serice life. It solves the axial force with the hydraulic balance so that the pump has stable running with low noise. Its installation conditions are more favorable than those of DL pump because it can be easily installed in the middle of a segment of horizontal pipeline.It can fully meet the need for the water supply and drainage of high-rise buildings,deep wells and mines and the like as well as for the fire fighting facilities. Therefore, it is the optimal type to transport cold and hot water,general media or other liquids with similar physical and chemical properties as water in all major industries.
Range of Application:
Water supply for domestic and fire control purposes in high-rises,and transportation of circulating cold water in air-conditioning system.
Type Designation :
50 GDL 12 - 15×5
50 – Diameter of pump inlet and outlet (mm)
GDL – Vertical Multistage Pipeline Pump
12 – Flow(m3/h)
15 –Lift head of single-stage  (m)
5 – stage number
Technology Parameters:
Rotary speed:2900r/min;
Temperature range:-15℃-+120℃。
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