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China 220kV Current Transformer manufacturers

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220kv outdoor oil immersed single phase current transformer
HYEE The Famous Trademark of China
A Professional Manufacturer of 0.5~330kV Instrument Transformer
Your Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Partner
Presently our 220/230kV CT has been sold to Pakistan, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Syria, North Korea,  Chile, Peru and so on, also in China State Grid we have supplied more than 1000pcs without any quality problem happened.
Our 220/230kv current transformer have quality and price advantages, because most parts are manufactured by ourselves except for insulator and oil, our product has been passed the type test from independent lab according to IEC 61869-1/2.
Also we have our own design which can meet high creepage distance and extremely cold area, can satisfy some special end user’s requirement.
We have our own test lab which can conduct all the routine tests and some type tests. Make sure  all the goods are with qualified condition before ex-factory.
Product Name220kv outdoor oil immersed single phase current transformer
Brand NameHYEE
OriginDalian,CN (Mainland)
Coil StructureWound
Coil Number1-6
PackageWooden Carton
Delivery Time:30 days
Rated voltage, kV66110/115132/138150220/
Highest voltage for equipment, kV72.5126/123145170245
Rated frequency, Hz50; 60
Rated power frequency withstand voltage, kV140/160230275325460510
Rated lightning impulse voltage, kV325/35055065075010501175
Flashover distance, mm70011001300150021002350
Cree. distance, mmW1:1450
Mechanical load, N300030004000400040004000
Rated primary current, A1~2500
Rated secondary current, A1;2;5
Accuracy class0.1; 0.2; 0.5; 0.2S; 0.5S; 0.5S; 5P; 10P; PX…
Rated output(recommended value), VA1A: 10~30 VA
2A: 10~30 VA
5A: 15~50VA
Instrument security factor  FS5; 10
Accuracy limit factors  ALF10; 15; 20; 25; 30; 40
Short-time thermal current (Maximum), kA40kA/3s
◆It is oil/paper insulation system, the primary insulation is wound from high voltage cable paper, and  is placed several capacitor screen of voltage division in the primary insulation, which can improve electric field distributing and decrease the consumption of insulation material. It will be immersed with transformer oil  after desiccating under vacuum. It has advantages of stable and reliable performance of insulation, rich successful experience, a long life time and convenient maintenance.
◆Hermetically sealed stainless steel metallic bellows is installed on the top, which protect  the transformer oil from moisture and extend the life time, also there is a oil level gauge on the bellows for observing the changing of oil volume.
◆Two optimization design external insulation types offered for user for inside and outside  electric field without discharge
1. Composite insulator
2. High strength porcelain bushing
◆There is a multi function oil drain valve on the base, which make it more convenient  for sampling, draining.
◆The base uses spray painting or hot galvanizing, which gives a high degree of corrosion  resistance.China 220kV Current Transformer manufacturers


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